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Viridian Energy, Ambit, North American Power, and others provide greener electricity at variable and fixed rates, This allows customers and independent Associates to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers. Viridian-info reviews opportunities and the savings in a deregulated market.

  • 5,000 join NAP in recent weeks in Rhode Island

    I had to re-post this! 5,000 enrollments in recent weeks because of a rate guarantee until June 30. Yet, you will still have the skeptics and shady marketers write negative comments about this or any other company in this industry. Your not in it for the long term if you are just trying ...

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  • Green dream jobs!

    Make a Difference, and Earn! Choosing the right  green energy supplier will not only slash your power bill, but could provide you a handsome income, as well. Make a difference and change your life with your own responsible sustainable energy business. Are you looking for a go green dream job? Now that it is becoming more mainstream for consumers to search for cheaper and sustainable options, you can benefit by taking advantage of this demand and the income opportunity ...

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  • North American Power Review, Viridian and Others

    After talking with people and seeing new reviews, I have to conclude that there are still plenty of people that are still generally confused when it comes to 3rd party energy suppliers. After hearing of the home-based opportunities with these companies, the same questions arise. What are the differences between suppliers such as North American Power and Viridian Energy and other companies that are offering you a choice in power supply for home and business? [caption ...

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  • North American Power Review or Scam?

    This is not a review of just one supplier even though the title suggest this. This is actually more of a review on the reviews. Allow me to explain. I am writing this review because it is amazing to me how competing supply companies go back and forth with attacks on each other when they are basically offering the same services with some minor differences here and there. So, how do you choose a supplier? Which ones are ...

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  • Would I choose Viridian Energy Now?

    Why shell out hundreds to join Viridian Energy or Ambit when you can start a business and create revenue at no cost with North American Power? Don't you think that there may be more gratification creating income without having financial commitment for $399 with Viridian or $429 with Ambit? Investigate and find out on your own. Sure you'll find out that every organization could make their case concerning why their offer is most beneficial. Each and every ...

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